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Black Stains On Your Roof?

Roof Cleaning

Keeping your roof clean is more than an issue of appearance. Moss, Mold and Algae can damage your shingles, your roof structure, and even create a health hazard. The good news is keeping your roof in top shape does not have to be an expensive proposition.



In the Pacific Northwest, moss is a common problem for rooftops. Moss adheres itself to your roof using root-like structures called rhizoids. Rhizoids thrive in wet, humid environments and grow into the cracks and crevices common in roofing materials. This accelerates the rate at which these roofing materials degrade and will eventually cause cracks and leaks. Because moss is a living thing, it requires moisture to survive. Moss holds moisture on your roof promoting rot and causing serious problems. Even worse, as moss grows and multiplies the raised moss will impede the drainage of water from your roof causing it to run sideways along the rooftop. These allows water to run under shingles saturating the wood underneath and causing decay.

To pressure wash or not?

There are many ways to clean your roof, some are better than others, and all have their place. That said, Performance Roof Cleaning doesn't generally promote the use of high-pressure washing on your roof. Simply, using a high-pressure washer (On a composite or asphalt shingle roofs) shortens the life of the roof. It removes granules and can easily tear a shingle creating a 'fault' in your rooftop defenses. Cedar Shake roof surfaces are not immune to problems associated with high-pressure washers either.

Roof Cleaning

Performance Roof Cleaning typically uses a low pressure chemical spray to treat the moss/algae/mold in a manner that is safe and effective. There are times when the physical removal of problems is advisable, or even high-pressure washing, but generally, chemical treatment is advised.

Cleaning Frequency

The smartest and most cost-effective way to keep your roof in order is through regular cleanings. Performance Roof Cleaning offers inexpensive maintenance programs that not only keep your rooftop clean, but it keeps your roof inspected for other problems that might occur. A typical roof is cleaned twice each year, near the beginning of summer and again in the fall. Frequency is affected by things such as trees above the rooftop, the orientation and shape of the roof and home, the age of the roof, and the roofing materials.

Gutters and Downspouts

We recommend cleaning your gutters as often as the need arises. Performance Roof Cleaning will supply downspout screens to prevent clogging as part of the initial services. Be sure to ask about this service when making your appointment and discussing prices.

About Chemicals

The chemicals we use are water-soluble chemical compounds that require care when using. Used carefully, it is safe for your home and the inhabitants -- including pets.