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Roof Repair Types

* We provide written estimates for insurance plans

Roof Repair

Clackamas County Roof Repair

The best strategy for keeping roof repair costs to a minimum is to act quickly at the first sign of need.

High Quality Repair Services

Willamette Valley Roof Repair

Roof repair is a dangerous and difficult do-it-yourself task that is usually best left to a true professional. Often times, repairs are not as extensive as a homeowner might think. Performance Roof Cleaning prides itself on providing a thorough diagnosis by conducting a detailed home roofing inspection. Our comprehensive inspection is free of charge and includes all aspects of your roof including the roof itself, gutters, eaves and downspouts. We also inspect seams and joints along windows, chimneys, solar panels, vents, fans, as well as roof peaks and valleys. The inspection usually reveals the problems you are encountering allowing Performance Roof Cleaning to provide a detailed cost estimate for most projects. Cost estimates include labor and materials for the project as well as a timeline for completion.

Portland Oregon Roof Repair

A leaky roof is a common problem for homeowners and a difficult repair to estimate. Locating the exact source of the leak, or leaks, can be a difficult process, and, depending on what is ultimately discovered can affect the final costs of your project.

A leaky roof on a house is often caused from damage, or pieces of faulty flashing, and these are pieces of vinyl or metal situated between the roofing shingles and the rest of the house or chimney. When the flashing is damaged, or manages to get pulled up , the homeowner experiences leaks in his or her roof. Rest assured Performance Roof Cleaning will provide full disclosure before any project begins where the costs cannot be completely estimated up front.

Please contact us to discuss any problems you might be experiencing. We can help you understand the problem and will work with you to solve your roofing issues in the best manner possible.